Certified SharpSpring Partner Agency for Pharmaceutical Inbound Marketing and Automation

As a SharpSpring partner, we help organisations in the pharmaceutical and related sectors build awareness and generate and nurture new leads via the SharpSpring automation platform.

The process follows an inbound model that begins with your audiences and the content needed to serve those audiences and builds relationships to turn those audiences into leads and then into customers. To achieve this, organisations will require an all-in-one marketing hub that can handle landing page creation, marketing automation and lead management, amongst a number of other marketing-based activities.

SharpSpring’s system makes intelligent marketing and sales follow-up possible via its software that integrates seamlessly with websites, CRM, social media and email.


SharpSpring key features

Behavioural-based email automation. SharpSpring is designed to start conversations through emails, which eventually end up in lead conversions. Its “after-the-click” tracking veers away from traditional email services, allowing users to send personalised messages. This results in providing leads with the appropriate information during important phases of the purchase process.

Dynamic forms. The solution generates forms that can be customised to include reorder fields. This can be modified quite easily with the software’s drag-and-drop functionality. An autocomplete option is also available for regular visitors, making your website not only visually pleasant but improving conversion rates as well. Fields from third-party and native forms can also be mapped using the tool.

Lead engagement. The system comes with an intuitive visual workflow builder that makes marketing automation really simple. Users can exploit branching logic as a means to engage leads during crucial stages of their purchase journeys. Targeted messaging can be performed with customisable buyer personas while users get to receive daily lists of strong leads through email, which can be easily converted into sales. Lead scoring is done based on page tracking, engagement and fit, among other factors, making it easy to identify strong prospects.

Lead identification. The tool can identify twice as many site visitors, making lead identification a breeze. Prospect motivation can be determined using its behavioural-based tracking feature. Leads can be tracked as the software provides visibility into your leads pipeline. Users can make their own fields, deal stages and filters, which are useful in handling their distinct sales processes.

Custom landing pages. SharpSpring is capable of creating landing pages and funnels that can convert visitors into leads in no time at all. These are made possible with the tool’s easy-to-use interface that comes with point and click functionalities.

Analytics. Using the software, businesses can make data-driven decisions, which are made possible by the system’s analytics. Metrics make it possible to generate information-rich reports that can convert critical information in easy-to-understand format, which can be shared with teams and even clients. Email success can be traced while messaging can be optimised by following figures such as opens, clicks, bounces and deliveries.

Pharmaceutical SharpSpring Inbound Agency

Orientation Marketing is a Silver Level SharpSpring partner, and that allows us to work with you to put the best content on the most suitable media channels. This can include the creation of inbound campaigns that are optimised to generate clicks and build audiences. We are also experts in the science of behavioural targeting, putting science into the art of reaching your audience and engaging with them on their terms to increase conversions.

SharpSpring is our platform of choice to achieve those goals. As a certified SharpSpring partner agency, we can help science and technology-based organisations:

  • Drive the inbound marketing initiative

  • Get content in front of target audiences

  • Drive more traffic to key landing pages

  • Convert more visitors into qualified leads

  • Turn leads into customers with less effort

  • Track customers and report on campaigns.

  • Certified SharpSpring team members for full support.

SharpSpring partner for your inbound marketing

Speak to us to explore how we can develop your inbound strategy via a SharpSpring demo.