Enhancing your presence with inbound marketing in the pharmaceutical and science industries

Many claim to be experts in inbound marketing, but few are able to deliver truly effective results, especially in a specialist sector such as Pharma.

Our approach is proven. We carefully craft our lead nurturing and inbound marketing services to each individual client, designed to attract and engage users and move them along the buyer’s journey to a sales-ready status via great content.

Orientation Marketing is a certified SharpSpring partner which allows us to work with clients to put the best content on the most suitable media channels. This can include the creation of inbound campaigns that are optimised to generate clicks and convert into leads and demonstrate this via measurable analytics.

Inbound Marketing Services

Buyer Persona Development

We begin inbound marketing campaigns by defining the audience. Through research, surveys and interviews of your target audience - which includes customers, prospects and those outside your contacts database - we will help you understand your target audiences and segments and build buyer personas to focus our marketing communications. Having worked with many large organisations in the science and technical industries, we already have a strong grasp of who you are trying to attract.

Buyer’s Journey And Conversion Path Building

We then map our user journeys for those buyer personas, creating a path for that persona to take on your website that leads to a conversion. From creating landing pages to thank you pages, we’ll determine a strategy that looks to engage your audiences, converts, and looks to qualify them into sales opportunities. This path may change during campaigns, which is something we will constantly monitor.


Creating website and blog articles, content offers, social updates and email content that is well-written and suitable for the science sectors is not easy. With our in-house team of writers, and access to a range of experienced writers in this sector, we can take away the burden of having to constantly create content to feed your inbound marketing efforts.

Orientation Marketing agency understands our industry and what it takes to engage the audience we want to speak to. They took the time to understand our budgeting considerations and produced a plan according to our highest priorities. I highly recommend their services.
— Shaheen Majeed, President Worldwide ? Sabinsa

Distribution and traffic generation

Great content often goes unseen. We will work with you to make the most of your current channels as well as introduce a range of other distribution methods for your content to reach its intended audience. They can include inbound or outbound, or paid or earned media and will depend on your audiences, the content and the objectives of the content marketing and inbound campaign.

Conversion optimisation

Whilst we are in the process of attracting visitors to the inbound content we create, converting those visitors into leads and nurturing those leads into qualified opportunities, we will be optimising at each step. Ensuring that the content itself, the CTAs, downloadable offers and email campaigns are performing as high as possible. Essentially, maximising the number of visitors, subscribers and leads.

Email Marketing Automation

Marketing automation gives us the ability to email the right people at the right time with suitable content, and is a fundamental stage in the inbound marketing process. We’ll create workflows and automated email sequences that relate to each piece of downloaded content, and where possible, manage those contacts within the CRM so that they are served appropriate content to pull them through the traditional sales funnel.

HubSpot & SharpSpring Consultancy

As a SharpSpring/ HubSpot partner, we help organisations in the pharmaceutical and related sectors build awareness, generate and nurture new leads via the #1 inbound marketing and automation platform. If you are considering using HubSpot for your science organisation, we can help with technical setup, training, strategy and content. We also provide a simpler marketing automation offering via SharpSpring should your content marketing campaigns require a more streamlined solution.

We can help science and technology-based organisations:

  • Drive the inbound marketing initiative

  • Get content in front of target audiences

  • Drive more traffic to key landing pages

  • Convert more visitors into qualified leads

  • Turn more leads into customers.

Results-Driven inbound marketing

Speak to a certified inbound team member about your inbound marketing strategy.