Supporting scientific and technical organisations at events and trade shows

Whilst trade events can be a significant strain on your resources, the results are often well worth the effort. We can take on the many challenges of event organisation, allowing you to focus on delivering the best possible experience to those attending.

We have managed B2B events in Europe and the USA, and partnered with hundreds of exhibitions across the world, understanding the process and pitfalls of getting you in front of the visitors.

Let us liaise with the organisers and deliver event marketing content for show guides. We’ll support you before, during and after the event with marketing that will ensure your participation is a success and drives genuine leads.

Event Marketing support services

Event conception

Your event presence will arise from months of planning, preparation and custom stand design iterations. We will take over the production of the stand itself, from the interior and exterior elements to the digital display elements, to present you with a stand environment that is finished and ready for your organisation’s sales teams to conduct business.


Project management and logistics

Once a stand presence has been agreed upon, we will handle the logistical side of a trade show presence and work with your marketing teams to ensure that all materials are transported to the event location, coordinating with the event organisers at all times. We’ll ensure that all logistical and installation elements are project managed, and managing the event on-site during the show.

Orientation Marketing agency understands our industry and what it takes to engage the audience we want to speak to. They took the time to understand our budgeting considerations and produced a plan according to our highest priorities. I highly recommend their services.
— Shaheen Majeed, President Worldwide ? Sabinsa

Media partnership and sponsorship

Media publications play a vital role within pharmaceutical and life sciences marketing, and will play the same role within trade shows and conferences. We have relationships with all of the major publications within the sciences and technical sectors and will work with them to promote your event presence to your target audience.

Lead generation

Events and trade shows, particularly in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors, are great ways of generating marketing qualified leads. We’ll construct lead generation campaigns for your organisation via a range of methods that will drive footfall and increase attendance on your exhibition stand. Turing your overall event campaign into a highly successful awareness and lead generation campaign.


Integrated campaigns and tactics

The success of your event, conference or trade show presence doesn’t all sit with the event team on the date of the event. A range of marketing campaigns surrounding the event, such as the pre-event email marketing build-up to the promotional activities during the show, will significantly affect how busy the stand will become. We will work with your team to create integrated show campaigns giving your organisation as much exposure as possible for your event investment.

Achieve More From your next event

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